Our mission here at the City Sewing Room is to provide our community with the knowledge and skills to create what they want, when they want. We are an inclusive space, dedicated to sharing our love of sewing with anyone who wants to learn. All skill levels, ages, and eager seamsters are welcome!


View our class options, and schedule your class at "schedule a visit" at top of page, and come say hello! Come on!

Let's Sew!



Class fee: $25.00

This is your chance to come in and explore the world of sewing.  You can make one of several beginner projects. In the 2 hour class you will be able to finish your project, no matter your sewing skill.

We provide the ideas, the directions, patterns and all the materials and the machines to make your project.

Online Registration deadline 1 week before the class



Event Fee: $25.00 per person

We provide the projects, you provide the wine!   

We have lots of 2 hour sewing projects and fabric to choose from.  Even if you do not know which end of a needle to thread, you are guaranteed to take home a special handmade item!  

Event is for 4-8 participants,  we provide all supplies, sewing machines and most importantly the snacks and soft drinks.



Class Fee: $40.00

This ongoing class is for the brand new sewer who wants to learn how to pick out a pattern, fabric and how to follow all those crazy instructions. It is limited to 4 students so everyone can choose what you want to make and move at your own pace.  You can sign up for one class or a hundred (heaven forbid!).  Bring a simple pattern and fabric the first class or, if you’re at a loss of what to create, we can start you off with something from the shop.

Class is offered on Mondays and Thursdays - 5:30 - 7:30 pm.


Class fee: $30.00 per hour - $10 per additional hour

Just got a new sewing machine...and a little confused? Don't worry - we can help!  Bring your machine and manual and we will help you determine what is a must-know and what is a helpful suggestion. All skill levels and all sewing machines welcome!                                                 

Additional hours of instruction can be scheduled separately, and at a reduced rate of $10 per hour.



Class Fee: $40.00

This class will help you draft a basic sloper or adjust a store bought pattern that will FIT!  Limited to 4 students so we can give individual attention, as everyone will move through the lessons at their own pace. This is not a one night class, but ongoing as your skills build.  You sign up for one class at a time, allowing you to move along at your own pace!

Class is offered on Thursdays - 5:30 - 7:30 pm.



Drop-in-Fee: $10.00 per hour                  

Come in for an hour and use our machines, notions and advice.  No appointments or pre-registration necessary  - because you never know when you will need help setting a sleeve, putting in a zipper, etc….Just drop in anytime we are open!

You must know how to use a sewing machine to use this option.                                                                                                                                                                    




At this time we are booked for all  KIDS, SCOUTS, and PARTIES classes.  Please contact Nancy Scott at seamssoeasysewing.com  or seamssoeasy@yahoo.com.  Nancy has been teaching children for more than 20 years and will be teaching now at City Sewing Room under her own name.  

Please check back here in the future for possibly more children classes.




Want to see what the fuss is all about? Feel free to stop by unannounced, or register with us online.

Interested in taking a class? Popping in for some group sewing? Need some help with that hem? Schedule a visit at the top of the page at Schedule a Visit.