Our Mission

At the City Sewing Room, a non-profit,
we provide our community with
stitching knowledge in a sharing environment.

We are an inclusive space dedicated to sharing
our love of sewing with anyone who wants to learn.

All skill levels, ages and eager stitchers are welcome!


Featured This Month

We are proud to partner with Charity Sharity to become the midwest's largest fabric repurposer!  For over 20 years Charity Sharity volunteers have been accepting, sorting and distributing donated fabrics in our community all out of a small basement in Crestwood! We are thrilled that this operation is now conducted out of The CSR and WOW do they have an amazing system!

99.9 % of their donated fabric is used in some way. Around 400 pounds of fabric are processed a week, with about 200 pounds remaining here and being sold through our Maker's Mart. The rest is distributed by Charity Sharity. Not only does this provide you with fantastic deals on fabric for your projects but it also prevents these items from clogging up landfills. We are proud of the positive impact this program has on the environment!

If you would like to donate fabric and other related notions, there is a designated grey storage unit on the side of CSR for you to place items in. You'll also find a donation sheet to fill out so if you are in a rush and just need to drop it off, you don't even have to come inside. However, we hope you will pop in and say hi and/or check out the space! Donations can now be dropped off during any of our regular business hours.

Donations should be from a clean stash, no odors (musty or cigarette). Larger pieces of fabric are preferred.

Other items we accept are:
-sewing notions
-machines - no cabinets
-uncut patterns
-any other stitching related items

We hope you'll come visit our Maker's Mart! More information below...
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A place to learn

Need a little instruction? No worries! In addition to open studio time, we also offer a variety of classes for all skill levels, ages, and would-be-stitchers. Go to the “Classes” page to see all of them.


A place to create

Large worktables, high-quality sewing machines, and excellent company are just a few of the things you’ll get to experience at the City Sewing Room. Drop-in and explore bins upon bins of fabric and see what’s being crafted onto our dress forms!

Drop-in  anytime we’re open

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12pm-8pm
Saturday, Sunday
Closed Monday and Friday 

Show Me St. Louis

Check out this video about City Sewing Room that Show Me St. Louis recorded!