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The Full Story

We are a nonprofit, community sewing center located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Want to learn more? Read on!


The Beginning

City Sewing Room opened in 2016 as a gathering place for all those who love stitching and sharing.  It was modeled after the quilting bees of old when women came together not just to sew a quilt, but to share; share their home life, share neighborhood news, discuss events, and encourage one another.  A novel idea to the area at the time, it was built on the premise of “if you build it, they will come”.

City Sewing Room

And come they did!.  To carry on its mission of stitching, learning and sharing,  City Sewing Room incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit in 2020.  With a non-profit status CSR was able to increase its community spirit with more volunteers and donations.  Today City Sewing Room teaches 20 youth and over 20 adults every week.  Additionally, CSR takes in sewing and fabric donations to the tune of 400 pounds a week – yes 400 pounds a week! - to be used by students, given to charities, and sold for $2/pound to the public.


Meet Our Team

City Sewing Room Staff

Anne Stirnemann
Boss Lady

Anne was a nurse in her previous life, but realized that she really should have been a costumer, so went back to school at the age of 50 to get a degree in costume design!  Soon afterward she opened City Sewing Room so she could sew with friends. And so she does! Every day, meeting new people and making new friends.

Questions for Anne Stirnemann? Reach her here!

Dorothy Pino
Educator, Fun Facilitator

With over a decade of teaching experience as a public school music educator, Dorothy came to City Sewing Room in January 2022 to teach sewing classes. She has been sewing since she was a teenager, and learned from her mom, aunt, and friends over the years. Dorothy loves cats and having a good time. 

Anne Hennig
Quilt Master

Anne is our resident quilting expert! Member of Thimble & Thread Quilt Guild and Ruler of our Bernina Q24 long arm quilter, Anne lends her expertise to teach classes in long arm quilting and quilt piecing. 



Questions for Anne Hennig? Reach her here!

Janet Noe
Social Media Manager

Ever since CSR opened in 2016, Janet has been the marketing master behind our social media posts. Her style and flare are unparalleled! Janet keeps our community in the know about class offerings, special events, and everything in between! Find us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all CSR offerings!

Questions for Janet Noe? Reach her here!

Nita Pace
Sewing Machine Guru

Wisen machine guru that she is, Nita can diagnose and treat your sewing machine problems! Owner of Sew Happy Sewing Machine Repair, Nita keeps our machines running smoothly. If you're looking for a machine tune-up, give her a shout!


Questions for Nita Pace? Reach her here!

Guest Instructors


A fashion shoe designer, Michelle enjoys coming in to teach specialty classes from dog beds to t-shirt quilts.  Watch for her classes on our social media accounts!

New Teaching Partners Welcome!

Interested in becoming a teaching partner? Check out our Giving Page for more info, or contact us at


Never without a ball of yarn,  Melissa teaches her knitting and crochet classes in the relaxed “living room” of the City Sewing Room.


An up and coming fashion designer, Olivia loves to teach on all levels!  Her classes are found on her website,


CSR Board Members

Anne Pokoski

Gemologist, seamstress extraordinaire. 

Kacie Starr Long

Executive Director of Sew Hope Sewing Room of Florissant.


Morgan Epperson

Pattern maker at Weissman Dancewear.

Rene Howard

Jack of all trades in sewing.


We Can't Wait to See You!