Let us do the work for you!

One of our specialties is
patterning, engineering and sewing your creative idea!

Bring your idea in and we will help you make it work.

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Have an idea for a costume?  Bring it in.  We will have it made for you in no time.
Have an idea for a new product? We’d love to work with you and help you create the next big seller.

We have experience making prototypes for medical and safety wear, kids toys, bags, sacks...and well, all things fabric!

We can help you take the first steps to production.
We can also create special memories from old team jerseys. Almost anything you think of that involves a needle and thread we can do!
I would like to give a BIG shout out to Anne (the owner) for fixing the zipper on my favorite sweatshirt!!!! The city sewing room is a wonderful place to go - it has a calm, relaxing vibe that makes one feel welcome, happy and creative!!! Thanks Anne - what you are doing for our city is a wonderful thing!
— Mary Lou Clark