The owner of City Sewing Room was a nurse in her former life, realized that was not for her and went back to college at the age of 50 to earn a BFA in Theatrical Design, specializing in costumes. She brings 60 years of sewing experience with her and believes in the old school idea that quilting bees were set up for a reason - to allow stitchers to come together to share their skills, love of sewing and years and years of life experiences to share with others. The City Sewing Room is just that, a community spot where you can stitch and chat.


Has her degree in Fashion design and has worked as a pattern maker her entire career. She is our resident pattern maker, able to make a sewing pattern from a picture of what you want, or she can alter any pattern you currently have. With our computer Gerber pattern program, she can give you a professional pattern that is guareanteed to fit perfectly.

Nancy S

Has a huge background that covers all areas of sewing. She has made everything from wedding dresses to swimsuits to drapery. She owns Seams So Easy Sewing Studio and operates from the City Sewing Room. Her life has been dedicated to teaching others theses skill and loves to teach children and adults. Schdule classes and group parties through


An extremely talented woman who owns Knitsknots knitting instrucitons and runs the Sewing Society of St. Louis facebook page. She loves to teach the beginning basics of sewing - everything from learning how to use a sewing machine to making cute but easy to sew apparel and accesseries. Register for her classes on facebook - Sewing Society of STL.


A professional shoe designer, she teaches more varied sewing classes using a lot of upcycled clothes, like making leather purses from old coats, pillows from sweaters….. She is constantly coming up with new and exciting classes, using basic sewing techniques everyone can learn to make spectacular clothes and accessories.


Has her degree in Fiber Arts and offers something entirely new to the City Sewing Room - all kinds of macrame and weaving classes.

Nancy D

A quilter by heart and a member of a Quilting Guild, Nancy is of course the best quilting teacher in the area. She teaches special classes for all levels of quilters. She can also guide you in using our Sweet 16 free motion quilting machine.